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Business Creation

The EIT powers entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their best ideas into products, services and jobs for Europe. Indeed, creating more innovation and more jobs through fast-growing, innovative firms is one of the EU's key innovation objectives.

The EIT KICs manage start-ups and scale-ups, offering European coverage and active support from finding the first client to accelerating the company's growth.

What are KICs looking for?

  • Researchers and innovators: new innovative prototypes with a successful proof of concept.
  • Entrepreneurs: those who have set up their own business or run a small business.

Key Features of EIT Community Business Development 

  • Powering the development of new businesses.
  • Organising European-wide specialised business support committed to finding the first customer for young ventures.
  • Accelerating time to market of innovations through demonstration actions, facilitating experience labs and demand-side measure.

All Innovation Communities have the objective of decreasing the average time to market of innovations and they have established specific activities to fulfill this objectives.


One case of business success in particular is FlexiDAO, a company set up by two MSc Energy for Smart Cities students in the second year of the master's degree. His company harnesses the power of block chain technology to get an intelligent response by sharing demand data from the renewable and unpredictable energy sector. They and others are part of a wave of EIT InnoEnergy innovators using their technical and business knowledge to address some of the most difficult challenges facing the energy industry. Operating right at the forefront, where new technologies meet all business models and emerging markets.