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The main objective of InnoEnergy is to build up and operate a strongly-integrated alliance between the actors in the knowledge triangle. This alliance aims to become the leading motor for innovation in the field of sustainable energy. A holistic approach towards the integration of the knowledge triangle will ensure the development of a new spirit of entrepreneurial mindset and the commercialisation of sustainable energy technologies.



aerogeneradores-galicia.jpgIn todays knowledge-intense economic landscape, innovation is the key factor to success and to many serious environmental and energy-related challenges. Although Europe has improved its performance in this context, it still lags behind the USA and Japan in transferring knowledge and technology leadership into tangible, marketable results. The failure to capitalise on knowledge at the same rate as its competitors is caused by a lower rate of international patenting, weaker public-private linkages, a lower number of researchers, and lower business R&D expenditures.




InnoEnergy will create economic and societal value by developing ideas from mind to market. Achieving this aim entails the deployment of engineers and technology leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and the connection of key players across the innovation chain through the alliance, platforms and events. State-of-the-art innovation and entrepreneurial support will be offered and continuously improved. The technological approach adopted covers the most challenging areas of the SET Plan and addresses the transition of the system as a whole and not only through a niche strategy. The structural and systemic concept of the partnership will pave the way for a paradigm shift in innovation networks and cooperation. Over the first four years of operation, InnoEnergy plans to


  • Provide first-class education for approximately 1500 Master‟s and PhD students
  • Register 65 patents
  • Support the creation of 50 spin-off companies
  • Launch approximately 90 products on the market


After ten years, the KIC will move towards financial sustainability. Financial planning includes a yearly budget of approximately EUR 160 million after five years of operation, almost 50% of which is covered by the dedicated cash and in-kind resources of the partners.


Strategic Objectives

InnoEnergy will establish and ensure the operation of a strongly-integrated alliance between the actors of the knowledge triangle via an output-oriented, cross-fertilising and self developing mechanism of collaboration; this partnership will function as the leading motor for innovation in the energy sector. InnoEnergy will operate as a company in the form of an SE, as such an organisation enables stable cooperation and is a well-known and proven self-developing mechanism. Moreover, the clear structure, procedures and rules implemented allow for a lean management and the measurement and evaluation of the targeted output. In order to detail the overall strategic objectives, the following strategic sub-objectives were defined:

  • Transformation of research results into tangible commercial opportunities
  • Integration of higher education actors in the self-developing system to foster entrepreneurship and to develop the qualifications (skills and knowledge) and mobility needed
  • Positioning of InnoEnergy as the leading innovation motor within the field of sustainable energy and ensuring growth and development via a new way of organisation for a multinational and interdisciplinary alliance
  • Creating the critical mass for the development of new technologies, products and services transforming our energy system to become sustainable and independent
  • Enabling a qualitative change in the integration of SME and boosting the added value for SME in participating in the KIC and thus their power to innovate