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EIT InnoEnergy Projects

ProInterface (Closed)

The preservation of adequate electrical quality has become a major problem. The aim of the project is to develop three products intended to improve the conditions for the supply of electricity and the integration of distributed energy sources with supply network.

The objective of ProInterface is to deliver commercially viable power electronics solutions: Active Power Filter, Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Prosumer Interface.

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EOLOS (Closed)

EOLOS develops a cost effective floating platform concept for offshore wind turbines and determine its business opportunity.

The EOLOS FLS200 is a highly robust floating buoy that uses light detection and ranging technology to gather high -quality wind and ocean data from any offshore location.

It enables wind farm planners to perform wind measurements at heights of more 

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EIT RawMaterials Projects

InnoLOG: Innovative geophysical logging tools for mineral exploration (Ongoing)

This project will impact by boosting of the competitiveness, of the European raw materials companies and providing innovative solutions for a more efficient and sustainable exploration.

The main objective of the project is to improve the performance of the existing downhole geophysical logging tools in the identification of specific minerals in the subsurface and mineral deposits evaluation.

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BlueHarvesting: Hydraulic Collector for Polymetallic Nodules from the Deepsea (Ongoing)

To date, subsea harvesting equipment (collectors) is known to generate large plumes of suspended particles which will have serious impacts on seabed life in the areas surrounding the mine sites and potentially for some kilometers distant to the mine sites.

This project will focus on the development and improvement of the collector reducing its environmental impact and optimizing its production rate and efficiency.

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EIT Health Projects

SensUs (Ongoing)

SensUs is a unique type of healthcare innovation training, focused on the development of biosensors. It employs innovative modes of education built around a competition among multidisciplinary groups of university students from all over the world, who work as teams to develop new sensor prototypes and business models. 

This year the competition focuses on biosensors to measure adalimumab, a biological drug used to treat rheumatic disease, with the goal of improving management of rheumatic disease.

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EXPERT3D (Ongoing)

The EXPERT3D is providing health-related professionals the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to use new imaging technologies for diagnosis.

This course will enable professionals to perform post-processing of the radiological image for healthcare and research – employing advances like 3D image-prints, virtual technologies and artificial intelligence.

These disruptive technologies have fostered the merger of engineering and medicine, creating a demand for professionals with new skills that unite the two disciplines.

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