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Education concept

The main underlying ideas of the concept are:



The consortium will use the talent pool of the entire alliance to have the best teachers in place for EIT labelled programmes. A selection process to admit only the most talented students with an entrepreneurial mindset will ensure quality as well as the formation of technology leaders. The alliance of InnoEnergy partners provide for energy and business specialisations with the leading organizations.


Learning by immersing

Students will be dealing with industrial problems from day one for which they will be challenged to adopt innovation and entrepreneurship solutions. Students will be working in interdisciplinary teams and together with innovators from industry on joint practice oriented projects.

Partnership with industry and business schools

In order to ensure the entrepreneurial bias and application-oriented training addressing the needs of the labour market in the field of energy educations.


InnoEnergy is committed to the highest level of mobility in order to accelerate knowledge transfer. Physical exchanges of professors and students and on-site industrial internships are compulsory. Mobility between academia and industry in all programmes.

The Explore House

Is the real laboratory and meeting-place for business, entrepreneurs, students, professors, and researchers from all fields. The real meeting-places at CCs are extended into the virtual space by the online WEB portal comprising an open learning tool as a major entrance to the KIC knowledge base (lectures, case studies, filmed experiments, databases, a real and virtual business Lab integrated with the innovation centre, a learning laboratory for the continuous improvement of education).

The following programmes will be designed according to common criteria established by InnoEnergy for the EIT laboel and implemented by the InnoEnergy partners:

  • Master Programmes: two year energy master programmes that will give the graduates a very deep understanding of the world's energy challenges paired with a significant insight into how energy businesses are created and into the industrial perspective of the energy side.
  • Executive Education and Postmasters: programmes directed towards people looking for a higher education with a stronger industrial orientation than a traditional PhD programme. During the time programme, the students will have a direct industrial experience.
  • Lifelong Learning Programme: envisages courses including subjects such as "From Science to Business‟, "From Business to Science‟ and industry-driven professional development modules as well as outreach to the public via general programmes and energy for non-specialists.
  • PhD School: specific added value courses to improve innovation and enterpreneurship knowledge and skills for PhD students at universities from KIC consortium.