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EIT Urban Mobility Academy

Our Academy is a collaborative arena for lifelong learning, helping to build critical capabilities for innovation and transformation. We are training the next generation of urban mobility practitioners, needed by the urban mobility ecosystem of the future. Our programmes are intersectoral, interdisciplinary, international and entrepreneurial.

Master School

Our master school offers a wide-ranging master’s degree in urban mobility and aims to train 500 graduates per year in partnership with ten universities. This EIT labelled challenge-based double degree programme (1st and 2nd year in a different university) includes extensive training in innovation and entrepreneurship. The master school will open its doors in autumn 2020 starting with 4 universities and 2 tracks. The master school also includes summer schools held in several European cities addressing critical urban mobility challenges.


PhD School 

This is an EIT-labelled innovation and entrepreneurship programme for doctoral students, as well as a way of building networks. The aim is to train 50 graduates per year.


Competence Hub 

The Competence Hub will offer intensive programmes on hot topics in urban mobility and transport to work with professionals from different sectors, such as project managers, engineers, city executives and entrepreneurs, co-created by our partners in various locations in Europe.



The EIT Label is a quality seal awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to a KIC educational programme that has been assessed positively by the EIT on the implementation the EIT Quality Assurance and Learning Enhancement (EIT QALE) system and the application of specific quality criteria with focus on the EIT Overarching Learning Outcomes (EIT OLOs), robust entrepreneurship education, highly integrated, innovative ‘learning‐by‐doing’ curricula, international mobility and outreach.