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Learning modules at UPC

This module is intended to build an strategic concept in KIC InnoEnergy: the efficient connection of the educational activities (MSc and PhD) with industry and other innovation agents. Accordingly, this learning module is specially intended to connect education and innovation, taking into account that the word "innovation" is being used here as the process to generate new products and services, under the umbrella of industrial partners or other innovation agents (start-ups/spin-offs). The benefits of this learning module are expected to improve also the connection of education and research.



The process of education, training in a general sense, is complex when the agents are ambitious. This is the case of KIC InnoEnergy: our spirit is to add value to our traditional activities, being innovative also in our educational programs. Of course, this innovation spirit must keept the basic scientific, technical and transversal backgrounds in our programs.
However, to make a significant boost in the results, the collaboration of the different agents in the process should be stronger: this means that the students should be aware that they are not only receveing scientific, technical and transversal knowledge and training; they should feel as part of the system university-research center-industry-business school-start up/spin-off agents and focus their attitude to a comprehensive professional career. This process is very important in order to:
  • Motivate the (best) students.
  • Identify from the beginning the capabilities of each student in the innovation process.
  • Strenghten the capabilities of the students accordingly.
  • Give the opportunity to industry and entrepreneurship engines to  "watch" the process and to identify the best students.
This objective can be done in two essential ways:
  1. Bottom-up approach: designing educational programs with the active participation of industry and other innovation agents. This method is currently being developed in the MSc and PhD proposal activities of KIC InnoEnergy.
  2. Top-down approach: designing educational programs with active participation of industry and other innovation agents using a structured approach, this is, analyzing other experiences being developed in Europe and the rest of the world and designing a new proposal taking the positive and proactive elements of the existing ones and removing the negative and reactive elements of the existing ones. This is the main objective of this learning module.